Want to help me NOT drink myself to death?

I need help keeping track of all the drafts in Jersey City. While I would love to go bar hopping every night, I don’t want to die.

Let me know if you want to drink some beers for me. Email me at whatsondraftjc – at – gmail.com.


LITM 4.18.10

140 Newark Avenue
Jersey City, NJ 07302
(201) 536-5557

This artsy lounge located a half block from Grove Street PATH station only has two drafts with tiny kegs, but they have a large bottle selection that includes many New Jersey beers.

It also has drink specials every night and a great happy hour. Notable nights are:

Monday-Happy Hour all night.
Tuesday-New Jersey night, with discounted NJ beers like Riverhorse, Cricket Hill, Boaks and Flying Fish.
Thursday-Belgian night. Discounted beers from Belgium (NOT American Belgian styles).


*Chimay Triple $9.5
This creamy tripel white Belgian is the mainstay on tap. Orange, vanilla, cream flavors come through with a slight musky hop finish. It would be good with Meat and Cheese Board, Mussels, Frites and even the Mandarin Cheesecake. Also, it’s a nice 8% ABV.

*Captain Lawrence Pale Ale $6.5
This sweet pale ale is on the rotational tap. It tastes floral with sweet malts, and has a nice hoppy finish with grapefruit. It’s very well balanced and I’d have it with the House Beet Salad or Tea Crusted Tilapia.


Spring Offerings:

***21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon
This delicious yet strange fruit wheat beer is great for the summertime. It pours like gingerale, but is medium bodied like a wheat beer and tastes like watermelon (obviously) and a little bit of pear. It would be good with the House Beet Salad or Pan Roasted Salmon.

**Oskar Blues Momma’s Little Yella Pils
A Czech Pilsener with hints of apple. It even looks like apple soda. The nose is apple, malt and grass. It has a nice grapefruit hop finish. I really enjoyed it and would like to drink it with Frites, Mussels or the Roasted Asparagus and Portobello Mushrooms.


Barbar Honey Ale $8
Blance de Bruxelles $8.5
La Chouffe $9.5
Chimay Blue $14
Lindeman’s Framboise $13
Aventinus $9.5
Schneider Edel-Weisse $9.5
Hitachino Nest White $9
Riverhorse Tripel Horse $7
Riverhorse Hop Hazard $6
Cricket Hill American Ale $6.5
Boaks 2 Blind Monks $6.5
Wachusett Blueberry $5
Lancaster Strawberry $6
Left Hand Milk Stout $6.5
Rogue Dead Guy $6.5
Weyerbacher Blithering Idiot $9.5
Smuttynose IPA $5.5


There are a lot of bottles. 21st Century Hell or High Watermelon is a must-try. But basically, there’s almost no bad beer here.

So what’s the deal with your system, What’s on draft, Jersey City?

This blog specializes in craft beer, seasonal beer, New Jersey beer, and beers you don’t see every day. So I’m not going to to do a review and pairing for Bud or Blue Moon. Don’t get upset, it doesn’t mean that your favorite beer at the local dive isn’t good enough, it just means that I think enough people have tasted it that I don’t have to explain it to them.

I put in asterisks for beer that are must-tastes. The more asterisks, the more I think you should taste it at the establishment, either because I think it’s exceptional, or because it’ll be gone soon, for whatever reason (off season, out of demand, whatever).

I appreciate any and all criticisms and complaints that you have. Just remember: this blog is mainly for American craft beer in Jersey City bars, especially New Jersey beers. In my humble opinion, America is making the best beer in the world right now, and we should support our local brewers and merchants.

And always tip the bartender.


Skinner’s Loft 4.13.10

Skinners Loft
146 Newark Avenue
Jersey City, NJ 07302
(201) 915-0600

Besides having one of the best rotating craft draft selections in town, I also grew up with the family that owns Skinner’s Loft, and it’s a few blocks from my house. The hospitality is always exceptional at this classy neighborhood spot located less than a block from the Grove Street PATH Station–especially if you order a martini or mixed drink. And yes, I’m talking about beers here and yes, the bar manager Will will answer any of your questions.


Almost all drafts are available in pints (or their respective glasses), or shorts for slightly cheaper. Prices are subject to change, obviously.

Anchor Steam $7/$4.5

Bass $6/$4.5

**Bear Republic Red Rocket Ale $7
This Americanized Scottish Ale pours a nice reddish brown with a creamy head. It’s got a floral hoppy nose combined with caramel and apple. The taste is grapefruit and floral hops well balanced with sweet malt. It’s medium bodied, and would be good with meat, like the Steak Salad or Charcuterie. It’s got a respectable 6.8% ABV and 67 IBU.

Blue Moon $5/$3.5

Dogfish Head Red & White $10
This expensive Witbier has the typical malty Dogfish Head style. It’s nice to try at least once. Also, it’s almost a local beer, because Delaware is our neighbor. It pours amber with a little head. It smells like strawberries and banana, and the taste is similar, along with peach. Barely any hop presence, although there’s a lot of alcohol heat–as well there should be, with 10% ABV. It would probably go well with fish.

Guinness $6

***Hitachino Nest White $9
This is both an amazing summer beer and Witbier. Although expensive, and with relatively low ABV (only 5%), it more than makes up for it with its aggressively pleasant lemony taste. It pours a cloudy lemon color. It smells creamy, with hints of lemon, pineapple, pine, herbs, and belgian yeast. It tastes like lemon, pineapple, and very well balanced belgian yeast (sometimes it grosses me out, so I was happily surprised). The mouthfeel is light and fizzy. It would be well paired with salad, chicken and light cheese. Try it with the Apple and Endive Salad. Arigato, Japan!

**Lagunitas IPA $7
A good, solid IPA. Lagunitas is one of my favorite breweries and this one of my standards, but I’m biased because I love IPA’s and this brewery. It’s got a 5.7% ABV, lower than I’d like, but delicious none the less. Drink it with something that has citrus flavoring in it. Or by yourself watching TV and talking to your hand like me.

**Sam Adams Noble Pils
I was very impressed by this beer. I guess Sam Adams dug deep–or I had low expectations, but I think this German Pilsener is perfect for spring and burgers. It poured yellow-gold with a nice thick head. It smelled like malt, alcohol, caramel, and slightly fruity like orange and bananas. The taste was not what I was expecting at all–banana bread, with a slightly bitter grapefruit finish. Very well balanced, and slightly higher alcohol than most American macros at 5.2%. The mouth feel was soda-like. Good job, Mr. Adams. I’d like to try it with the Wild Mushroom Pizzettia.

Stella Artois $6

Yeungling $4

***Unibroue Trois Pistoles $10
Please do yourself a favor and spend $10 on this beer. I know it’s expensive, but it’s got the 9% ABV to justify it. It’s a delicious strong dark belgian style, from Quebec (one of my favorite places ever–seriously). It’s chocolaty, creamy, with vanilla and hints of berries, and a warming alcohol glow. It’s a great desert beer, and delicately fizzed. Try it with any of the chocolate deserts.


**River Horse Tripel Horse $6
This is an amazing beer from one of New Jersey’s best breweries, River Horse. Some people (my bosses at Jersey Wine and Spirits) say it’s the best beer brewed in NJ, and at 11% it’s a steal. A delicious, crisp fruity Belgian style.

DRINKS FOR NON-BEER DRINKERS (alcoholic, of course):

Buffalo Bill’s Orange Blossom Cream Ale
This creamy and orangey (duh) low ABV (only 4.9%) ale is great for the summer time. Don’t expect it to taste like beer, or to get drunk off of it, but it’s good to try at least once.

Lindeman’s Framboise $9
This fruity slightly sour fruit beer goes down like sprite, although at $9 a pop and only 4% ABV, you might not want it to. However, I hear, “It’s the only beer my girlfriend will drink,” way too often. Buy her a few.

**Doc’s Hard Cider $6
This is a great dry American cider, on the drier side and highly drinkable. It has a normal ABV of 5%.


BEST SPRING BEER: Sam Adams Noble Pils, Riverhorse Tripel Horse

BEST SUMMER BEER: Hitachino Nest White, without a doubt. Also, Doc’s Hard Cider for nonbeer drinkers.

BEST ANYTHING BEER: Lagunitas IPA, Bear Republic Red Rocket.

BEST DESERT BEER: Unibroue Trois Pistoles.

*Asterisks imply that you should try these beers because they’re special.

Welcome to Jersey City’s Beerscape

My name is Melissa Surach and I love beer. Sometimes Jersey City too–the beer helps.

I started What’s on Draft, Jersey City? to help you drink better when you’re in town. It’s an up-to-date listing of craft, specialty and seasonal beers on draft and where to drink it. Sometimes I’ll list bottles too, sometimes I’ll tell you about food to pair it with. Mostly I’ll talk about American craft beer, especially from New Jersey. Can you smell my pride?

Also, there’ll be a beer event calendar.

Let me know if you hear of any beer, bars or beer events you want me to list.

Thanks for reading and drinking,